Dying Fire Doningtonissa 24.4.2009

We will be participating on the “Uprising – A Collection of Itä-Uusimaa’s
Finest Metal Cuts” compilation CD out on April 24th by VaultForty7
Records. Our track When Love Becomes A lie is on the record. The release party is at
Donington, Porvoo on April 24th and 25th. Be there! Be sure to be early, doors are open at 9pm, and Dying Fire kickstarts the party briefly after that! Day is friday, 9pm. That’s like 21 at local time.
Check out the other bands and tracks at www.vaultforty7.com. More info of
the release party at myspace.com/phmw. These links are also on the right sidebar, click them and check them. Remember, 9pm, friday, present, m’kay?
Sama Suomeksi: Tulkaa paikalle jo yheksältä illalla, koska aloitamme lähestulkoon heti ovien auettua.

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